Protect your vehicles value now with our 5* rated summer ceramic detail

Ceramic protection from 2 - 5 YEARS!

Save £100's in lost value when it comes to sell your vehicle!

Why Go Ceramic?

Protection against Bird Droppings

Protection against road contamination

Protection against tree oils and sap


Did you know a single bird dropping can cause £100's worth of damage in as little as 24 hours? 

Protection against tree oils and sap

Protection against road contamination

Protection against tree oils and sap


Tree's can leave a sticky film over a vehicles paint work, over time this can degrade the paint finish

Protection against road contamination

Protection against road contamination

Protection against road contamination


General harsh road environment such as road salt, tar and iron fall out can degrade the paint over time. 

Unbeatable Depth & Gloss

Unbeatable Depth & Gloss

Protection against road contamination


A Ceramic coating layer adds a whole new level of depth and gloss to any vehicle colour.

Easier future cleaning

Unbeatable Depth & Gloss

Stays cleaner for longer


With a ultra hydrophobic layer ceramic coating cuts the time it takes to clean your vehicle in half!

Stays cleaner for longer

Unbeatable Depth & Gloss

Stays cleaner for longer


The super smooth and slick finish helps keep your vehicle looking cleaner for longer

What's included?


Pre-wash & safe hand wash

We use the latest and safest premium products on the market to remove as much dirt and grime before making contact with the vehicle. 

We then give the entire vehicle an ultra safe hand wash with luxury gloss enhancing shampoo.

Decontamination with Claybar

A full chemical decontamination to remove contamination embedded in the paintwork. If your paintwork feels rough when you run your hand over it, most likely its contaminated with tar, tree sap and iron fallout. We use a premium grade claybar to remove contaminants safely from your paintwork.

Single stage machine enhancement

This process restores gloss, depth and colour into the paintwork. It's also very effective at removing light scratches and swirl marks depending on the paint. 

2 Years ceramic coating

The ceramic coating is then applied in a 3 stage process. Providing unrivalled gloss levels and hydrophobic properties, dirt and water literally falls straight off your vehicle. The coatings can also provide damage against bird droppings and light scratches. 

A 2 year warranty is so provided as long as we maintain the coating.


A full interior dry vacumm and hard surface clean and dress. Air refreshed to leave a clean sharp smelling interoior

Protect your investment -Maintain your vehicle and ceramic coating

Maintenance details keep your vehicle looking clean all year round whilst maintaining the coating. We use completely safe product and processes so won't damage your vehicle in the process.

The maintenance detail starts from just £45, alternatively buy 4 get 1 free when booked and paid in advanced.


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